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Simple Lists on BlackBerry 10

When you first start learning a new programming language, after a "Hello World" program, the next thing to try is a to-do application.

I decided that I would use the BlackBerry WebWorks platform as a means to test the script as well as to allow feedback from real users. This was also a platform that didn't have a lot of applications of this type so I would be more likely to get active users.

The design framework used is bbUI.js, which gives the application a native look & feel, with some additional styling using CSS.

The list making script totals around 1000 lines of JavaScript and makes use of HTML5 Local Storage to store the users lists on their device. Users can make, manage and share their lists using BlackBerry's native messaging and social applications.

I have used users feedback to implement new features, modify design and fix some errors in behavior.