Duns Town Trail

Guided of the Town of Duns

An Interactive Guided Tour of the town of Duns

I was commissioned by A Heart for Duns to create an App that would allow visitors to the town to follow the Duns Town Trail, highlighting points of interest and providing some historical context to the buildings and landmarks in the town.

The trail itself has existed for some time, however it was only available in a printed version and discussions had been on-going about created a digital format of the trail.

Designed specifically to be used on handheld devices as people walked around the town, the site required to be clear, easy to follow and fast to load.

Using Gridsome, a JAMStack framework for VueJS, I was able to produce a performant static Progressive Web App which could be installed on the users mobile phone for quick and easy access, was secure, and free to host.

To allow the client to update the app themselves, I used the DatoCMS, a headless content management system which is prefect for this type of project. From a user friendly web-based GUI, the client is able to update the content of the app and also add additional points of interest in the future.

Map interactivity within the app is provided using the MapBox JavaScript SDK, and by obtaining the users location can display which points of interest are around them and access information about them directly from the map.