Granite Setts Direct

E-Commerce Website

Server-side Rendered Headless E-Commerce Application

I was approached by Granite Setts Direct Ltd to develop an e-commerce website to sell granite setts in the UK.

On review of their competitors websites, we felt that there was a real opportunity to make the online buying process faster and more enjoyable for the customer. Traditional e-commerce platforms felt slow and cumbersome to navigate so the aim was to create a fast and straight forward and uncluttered user experience.

After our initial discussions with the client we agreed that we would use Vue to create the UI and the Nuxt JS framework to take advantage of server-side rendering. In order to integrate the e-commerce functionality without the weight of a full blown E-Commerce framework, we integrated the Moltin headless E-Commerce API which made the overall site very light-weight, fast and responsive. This also allowed us to take full control of the flow of the buying process.

To design the site I worked closely with the client to create a clean, uncomplicated visual experience to allow to customer to focus on the product itself.