Moffat Museum Trust

The Moffat Museum website was created for a small community run museum in the small market town of Moffat in the Scottish Borders.

The museum had received some funding for developing their site and were looking for a way to show off their exhibits and allow visitors and locals to keep up to date with the museums latest news.

The museum website uses a Content Management System called MODX enabling administrators to add and edit content with very little, or no outside assistance.

In addition to MODX, the site uses the Bootstrap CSS Framework making the design layout responsive.

Although the MODX Content Management System allows for a lot of flexibility in the design of the site, I found that it was perhaps a little too much for a simple small site like this.

Since this site was created I have started using Static Site Generators to create sites of similar size and purpose.

Moffat Museum Trust Screenshot

Technologies Used

responsive design