Little City Treat

Booking System for Edinburgh Mobile Beauty Therapists

I was asked to create a bespoke booking system for a provider of mobile beauty treatments in Edinburgh. The company allows self-employed Beauty Professionals to set their own availability and populate the booking system based upon those therapists.

The project had three individual aspects; the client facing website with integrated booking system, an application for the Beauty Professionals to enable them to manage their availability, calendar and earnings, and the administrator application to allow overall management of all aspects of the system.

There are a lot of third party booking systems available however all of them were a little too rigid for our requirements and tend to feel as though they have been shoehorned into a site.

Mobile Booking Application

It was important that the booking process be easy to use, fast and secure. After much consultation the process was finalised allowing customers to select their desired treatments and choose by either date or therapist before confirming the booking and completing payment.

There is also an e-commerce aspect of the site, initially to sell Gift Cards to be used in the booking system, but can easily be expanded to sell additional products if required.

The entire application is written as a static site using the Nuxt JS framework. Business logic is handled using serverless functions meaning that costs were kept low and the other required applications could be seemlessly integrated into the system.

Progressive Web App implementation means that users can get an native app experience including notifications.

Little City Treat Edinburgh is launching at the beginning of 2020.

Little City Treat Screenshot

Technologies Used

Vue JS
Nuxt JS
Progressive Web App